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About ActiveVB  

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ActiveVB is a website focused on German-speaking Microsoft Visual Basic Classic developers and developers working with technologies connected with Microsoft Visual Basic Classic (also known as version 5 or 6).

The Project  

In the past years we often observed that valuable Visual Basic Classic sites were taken from the web. The ActiveVB team always regrets when such hardy acquired knowledge gets lost.

Therefore we have decided to archive individual sites which are taken off-line by their owner, provided the owner's consent.

Specifically this means that we carry on providing these sites with minimal changes applied (like deactivating interactive elements). Thus, interesting content not easily (or not at all) found on the Internet stays available to the public.

The first site to take part in this project is ClassivVB.com. David Crowell, the author of this site, has not been working with Visual Basic Classic for some time now and puts the sources at the public's disposal. Thanks to his friendly support ClassicVB.com is now once again available over its well-known address.

In case you are the author of an interesting Visual Basic site which you cannot look after any longer we would be delighted if contacted so we could ensure that your site stays online in future.