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Type DCB
    DCBlength As Long
    BaudRate As Long
    fBitFields As Long 'See Comments in Win32API.Txt
    wReserved As Integer
    XonLim As Integer
    XoffLim As Integer
    ByteSize As Byte
    Parity As Byte
    StopBits As Byte
    XonChar As Byte
    XoffChar As Byte
    ErrorChar As Byte
    EofChar As Byte
    EvtChar As Byte
    wReserved1 As Integer 'Reserved; Do Not Use 
End Type

Auszug aus 'WIN32API.txt'

' The fourteen actual DCB bit-sized data fields within the four bytes of fBitFields can be manipulated by bitwise logical And/Or operations.
' FieldName             Bit #     Description
' -----------------     -----     ------------------------------
' fBinary                 1       binary mode, no EOF check
' fParity                 2       enable parity checking
' fOutxCtsFlow            3       CTS output flow control
' fOutxDsrFlow            4       DSR output flow control
' fDtrControl             5       DTR flow control type (2 bits)
' fDsrSensitivity         7       DSR sensitivity
' fTXContinueOnXoff       8       XOFF continues Tx
' fOutX                   9       XON/XOFF out flow control
' fInX                   10       XON/XOFF in flow control
' fErrorChar             11       enable error replacement
' fNull                  12       enable null stripping
' fRtsControl            13       RTS flow control (2 bits)
' fAbortOnError          15       abort reads/writes on error
' fDummy2                16       reserved